Since a very young age, I have had it in my heart to give my life to singing, songwriting and worshipping Jesus.

The Lord is raising up a movement of worship and prayer that is touching nations around the globe. I am privileged to give myself in a full-time capacity to being part of this growing movement.

I am on staff at Sanctuary House of Prayer Missions Base (SHOP) where I serve as an intercessory missionary, worship leader, and internship director. SHOP is a community of worshippers and intercessors that endeavor to have prayer and worship rising from our city day and night until Jesus returns. I have been a part of the house of prayer since it’s inception in May 2006 and have been serving on staff for the last four years.

I am convinced that prayer and worship are the growing need of this hour in which we live and that the Lord is looking for whole-hearted believers that will contend for revival and make Him famous.

I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba with my wife of 15 years and my three children, Eli, Caitlin and Luke.