Music has a way of captivating us like nothing else — and when it expresses the person and beauty of Jesus, it encounters us in a profound way. These albums contain original worship songs written in the place of personal devotion and the SHOP Prayer Room.  I hope you enjoy them.

 Just One Word (Single)
Written & Performed by:
Cherie Schellenberg

Produced by: Jon Loeppky

 Convurgent Music 2016 itunes

 Behold Your God  Artist: Joe Engbrecht
Track Listing

  • Behold Your God
  • Let The Priests Arise
  • Did My Heart Not Burn
  • Your Eyes
  • Rise Up For Me
  • Set Your Seal
  • Possession
  • I’m Being Transformed
  • Creation’s Anthem
  • Coming With The Clouds

Produced by: Jon Loeppky

 Convurgent Music 2015 itunes

 Between The Songs (EP) Artist: Joel Agustin
Track Listing

  • I Will Seek You
  • Tell Me Who I Am
  • Set My Heart Free
  • Joy Is Mine
  • Priestly Call
  • Real Love (Keep My Heart Alive)

Produced by: Jon Loeppky

 Independent 2013 itunes

 One Found Worthy  Various Artists
Track Listing

  • Fascinate
  • Heaven
  • Invisible God (Fascinate Reprise)
  • Joy Is Mine
  • Maranatha
  • Matchless
  • To The Most High
  • Nothing’s Gonna Keep Me Away
  • One Found Worthy
  • Rise Up
 Convurgent Music 2012 itunes

Deeper: Live from the Prayer Room Various Artists
Track Listing

  • Always
  • You’re Holy (Revelation 4)
  • You Love Me
  • Raise Up Righteous Judges
  • To Know Your Glory
  • Let Incense Arise
  • Give Me Grace (Psalm 27)
 Convurgent Music 2012 itunes

 Truth (Live) Jon Loeppky
cover170x170 Track Listing

  • May I Fall
  • Soar 58
  • We Cry Holy
  • If You Saw My Heart
  • The Beauty of Your Way
  • Overwhelm Me
  • Song For Tome
  • I Will Rest
  • Song for the Lonely
  • We Cry Holy (Reprise)
 Remnant Records 2001 itunes