Convurgent Music

Jon Loeppky

Jon Loeppky is a seasoned worship leader and songwriter whose ‘raw intimacy’ invites a deeply passionate response to the revelation of Jesus Christ in worship.

As a former professional musician and graphic designer, Jon has been able to bring his talent and experience into the arena of worship, weaving his love of the creative and the Creator into beautifully artistic expressions of musical and visual worship.

In 2007, he took a trip to IHOP-KC with some friends that changed his life.

“I walked into the prayer room for the first time and immediately thought to myself ‘I’m home!'” recalls Jon. “I always knew what I wanted to do with my life. I just didn’t know that such a thing existed”.

These days Jon is the Creative Director of Convurgent Music and worship leader at Sanctuary House of Prayer in Winnipeg, where he lives with his wife Rhonda and three daughters Emma, Katelyn and Madison.

‘This is my desire – that I would better understand the joy of giving back to God my true heart! Not what is expected, or has been socially conditioned into our worship expressions – rather, the thing(s) that God is prompting in me right here, right now – and responding to him honestly with ALL that I have been given – Body, Spirit & Mind.’