Convurgent Music

Joel Agustin

Whether a conference hall full of people or an empty prayer room, the reality remains the same for worship leader and intercessory missionary Joel Agustin. For him, worship leading and song writing are not about the numbers in the room but about staying focused on Jesus as the audience that matters – the Audience of One.

Joel began classical piano at the age of five and started playing during offerings at the church where he attended. Eventually, he found his way to the Winnipeg Centre Vineyard, where he started leading worship in a home group, then on Sunday mornings, as well as late night sets during all-night prayer meetings.

In 2004, Joel met Brian Creary at a prayer meeting and he became part of the establishment of Sanctuary House of Prayer (SHOP) a couple years later. He was convinced from day one of the call to minister to the Lord first and foremost.

He delved deep into the day and night prayer movement after attending the One Thing internship at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. While there, he led worship for Corey Russell’s Burn classes and sang and played the keyboard for Luke Wood’s team among several other worship teams in the prayer room.

Joel describes his worship philosophy and the resulting music as “all about flowing in the Spirit”.

“I like to ride the wave, find the pockets of worship, and just flow with the Spirit,” he explains. “What I’m trying to do is be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and cooperate with Him.”

Besides his involvement in the prayer room, Joel has led worship and ministered in a variety of contexts, including an annual retreat in Michigan, at Edge of Time ministries’ Awakening meetings, the True North Prayer Conference, the Converge conference, as well as various churches in Manitoba.

“I want to lead people down avenues where they can draw near and meet Jesus,” Joel says. “If I can help usher people into the presence of the Lord the fastest and easiest way possible, I’ve done my job.”