Convurgent Music

Collide: City of Worship 2

Let your idea of what “contemporary worship” sounds like get blown away. Collide calls for the convergence of Heaven and Earth, styles, cultures and expressions into one glorious song – a song of praise to our God and King.

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Track Listing

1. Collision (feat Rooke, Tuzil)
2. Enter In
3. Grace (feat One8Tea)
4. No god Can Save Us (But You) feat Infinite Automatik
5. Pilgrim (feat Paul Brandt)
6. Lift Your Name (feat Fraser Campbell)
7. Everyday (feat Bravehart)
8. Forever (feat Tasman Jude, Scribe)
9. First Time (feat Corbett)
10. Beautiful (feat Cynthia Hamar, Nadia Pries)
11. You Are (feat The Color)
12. Holy (feat Matt Gilman)
13. Broken Veil