Convurgent Music

Cherie Schellenberg

When singing and playing piano in worship, it’s evident Cherie Schellenberg  has only one goal: to go higher. Her ascendant soprano and lilting playing always manages to take worshipers at Sanctuary House of Prayer to a greater place than before.

She has set her focus on getting close to the heart of Jesus: “You can’t worship without intimacy is my life vision and I want to do it out of a heart of affectionate love.”

Raised in rural southwestern Manitoba, Cherie began to lead worship as a teenager when it was an unfamiliar concept. She has been singing and leading worship in churches around the province for almost two decades.

She was introduced to the day and night prayer and worship movement through the sovereign work of God and the obedience of two wonderful friends.

“We were taken to International House of Prayer in Kansas City and introduced to the reason for 24/7 worship and prayer,” says Cherie. “That visit produced a vision and calling to give myself to ministering to Jesus first.”

A worship leader at SHOP, Cherie also sings, plays piano and chorus leads on various teams.

She is married to Garry Schellenberg and they are the proud parents of Aila, Nick and David.