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Behold Your God

“Behold Your God” is the first full length project from Sanctuary House of Prayer worship leader Joe Engbrecht. The album features 10 original songs that combine Joe’s passion for the Word of God with his propensity for crafting riff based Rock anthems. Many of the songs were written in the midst of the SHOP Prayer Room while meditating and singing the Scripture back to God as an act of worship.

Track Listing:

1) Behold Your God
2) Let the Priests Arise
3) Did My Heart Not Burn
4) Your Eyes
5) Rise Up For Me
6) Set Your Seal
7) Possession
8) I’m Being Transformed
9) Creations Anthem
10) Coming With The Clouds

Digital download available from our StoreCDBaby, iTunes and other online distributors.

To purchase a physical copy please email Convurgent Music.