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Collide: City of Worship 2

Convurgent Music, is proud to announce the upcoming release of “Collide: City of Worship 2” from two-time Grammy nominated artist Fresh IE’s  (March 31, 2015)

This latest project, produced in conjunction with Jon Loeppky (Deeper, One Found Worthy) is a beautiful collaboration of styles, cultures and worship expressions coming together to declare the song of Heaven and the worth of Jesus.

Artists featured on the album include Canadian country singer Paul Brandt, alternative rockers The Color, worship leader Matt Gilman (formerly IHOP-KC), Fraser Campbell and others.

If you enjoy modern worship, you’ll love songs like “Beautiful”, “Forever” and “Broken Veil” which feature live strings and amazing vocal performances by Cynthia Hamar (Beautiful) and Elias Dummer (Broken Veil).

Check out this sneak peek of the Track “Beautiful” NOW!

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