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Consecrate Internship is for those between 18-29, who desire to spend a focused 3 1/2-month season of their life going deeper in their relationship with Jesus, living a life of prayer, and growing in leadership for doing the works of the Kingdom. Set in the context a house of prayer; SHOP is a small community with a wealth of experienced and accessible leaders that will participate in your intern program. Come and experience life in the House of Prayer, be equipped, be transformed, and encounter God!

Interns will be trained in intercession, worship, prophecy, missions, theology, how to cultivate intimacy with Jesus, a hands-on house of prayer experience and equipping.  This internship is perfect for those desiring to strengthen their relationship with God before taking the next step in life as well as those that desire to grow in bringing strength to a praying church community or house of prayer.

God is searching for those who will passionately pursue Him. He desires for us to walk in holiness and wholeheartedness as we wait for Him to return. Over the course of 3 1/2 months, interns will be equipped to deepen their relationship and knowledge of God through Biblical teaching, training, community, involvement and extended time in the prayer room (300+ hours) ministering to the Lord. 

“My sons, do not be negligent now, for the Lord has chosen you
to stand before him and serve him, to minister before him and to burn incense.”

2 Chronicles 29:11

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Dates: Sept. 4, 2018-Dec. 18, 2018

Tuition Cost: $1200 – Includes: Tuition, some meals (a few per week), training, books, and outings.
Room & Board options available at an additional cost. Please contact us for more information. internships@sanctuaryhop.com

Ages: 18-29


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What does an intern do?
Interns will be immersed in the activities of the house of prayer through hands-on equipping, teaching, training and study of the word.

How much does the internship cost?
Tuition Cost: $1200 – Includes tuition, some meals, training, books, as well as various outings.

Personal Expenses
You are responsible for providing the necessary personal finances to cover your food (food that is not included in tuition and board and room), housing, transportation, social activities, and any other personal expenditures during the program.

Do you offer housing?
Room & Board options available at an additional cost! Please contact us for more information. internships@sanctuaryhop.com.

Can I date during the internship?
Generally, our internship is designed to be a focused season before the Lord; therefore dating is not recommended during the course of the internship. We are willing to have a conversation and take in to account each individual’s circumstances

Will I participate on prayer room teams?
You will be given an opportunity to audition for worship teams. You will also have opportunities to prayer lead and get involved in other prayer room activities.

Do I need a computer?
We recommend having a device that allows for word processing for studies and assignments during the course of the internship.

What if I can’t play a musical instrument or sing?
There are other areas for you to be involved in the prayer room that does not require you to have musical ability.

Do I need to have a vehicle?
No. A vehicle is the easiest way for you to get to and from internship activities; however, other modes of transportation are acceptable, including carpooling.

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Our Internship Team


“The Lord used this internship to set me on a path that was both focused and sustainable. He has awakened my heart to the times that we are living in and the importance of studying what the scripture has to say about the end times.”


“I have grown immensely in my own personal walk with Jesus while in this internship and I am extremely grateful for the leadership that was given.”


“My favorite part about this internship is that not only do we have teaching about God but there is scheduled time in the prayer room to sit before Him. There is nothing like sitting at the Lord’s feet, hearing his word, and ministering back to His heart. “

Consecrate Intern 2015