Sanctuary House of Prayer is a missions base dedicated to worship and intercession, praying for the city of Winnipeg, and ministering to God as we seek to know what is on His heart and mind in this hour of history. We are committed to raising up missionaries who will serve both internationally and locally to see God’s kingdom advance and our city be transformed for Jesus.

It is our firm conviction that we are in a time unlike any other, and a call is going out to every man, woman and child to seek the Lord for the place in which they live. We stand for our city and extend the call to all others in this hour to find themselves before Him with honesty and wholeheartedness.

In Joel 2 we find instruction that is relevant for us today: stop everything and seek Him for He is gracious and compassionate and slow to anger. He does leave blessing, and it is right to seek Him in this. Looking back to the previous chapter, we also see events that speak to us in this time. The Lord is at the head of the army and great trouble is coming to the land. We are asleep in the West to our own hour of shaking, unconvinced that anything could ever touch us in our comfort. Yet, even now there is a stirring, a shift in our thinking, and it is calling us to seek Him like never before.

Winnipeg has a destiny in God and He will bring it to fullness before the return of His Son. He will have a people for Himself, looking only to Him and never unfaithful in their affections as they partner with Him. He will not let us remain easily distracted. He has made us for Himself and He will have us. And we want Him because of it. Psalm 27:4 says “One thing I ask of the LORD, this is what I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the LORD and to seek him in his temple.” This is a central vision of all that we are about at Sanctuary. It is our firm conviction that as we gaze upon the beauty of the Son of God we are changed, and our prayers are empowered to see His kingdom come in our city.

We choose to dedicate ourselves to this end and extend the call across our city to all others that would join us in this solemn assembly. We pray the prayer of Revelation 22:17 with conviction and earnest hearts: “Come Lord.”

Brian Creary
Ministry Director

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Brian Creary is the Director of Sanctuary House of Prayer. After serving as a pastor at the Winnipeg Centre Vineyard for 7 years, he launched out with a small group of young people and began this prayer ministry in May of 2006. Together they were zealous to see Jesus glorified in Winnipeg and did the work of many hours of sustained worship and prayer. They did not really know what they had signed up for, but they were passionate to pursue Jesus and not give up. The Lord helped with the rest and a community of wholehearted lovers of Jesus emerged. Today, Brian’s heart is to see people awakened to their calling to minister to God as the “audience of One.” He believes that only through wholehearted turning to Jesus will this city be transformed and its destiny be realized. As well, he has a passion to see revival come to Winnipeg at a level never before seen in our city. He is confident in the place of worship before the throne and intercession through agreement with God as the pathway to revival, and he is excited to see as many as possible join in calling for this promise. He and his wife Shannon were married in 1992 and have lived in Winnipeg since 1995 with their three children.